Local Ombudsman International Congress



Girona will host in November a Local Ombudsman International Congress organized by the Fòrum de Síndics i Síndiques, Defensors i Defensores Locals de Catalunya (FòrumSD). The event will meet ombudsman worldwide. The initiative, the first of its kind developed in Catalonia, will take place at the Girona’s Conference Centre from November 23th to 25th with the co-operation of the Town Hall of Girona, Girona’s Provincial Council and Human Rights Catalan Institute, among others.

The main objective is to consolidate the commitment of the municipalities in the defence and promotion of Human Rights, as established by the European Charter for Safeguarding Human Rights in the City. The Congress will be held under the motto ‘Think globally, defend locally and wants to be the setting within which adopted the so-called Declaration of Girona, a vindication of the role of local ombudsmen in protecting human rights. The symposium also set itself the objective of promoting local ombudsmen and strengthen networking between these institutions.